This Month’s Missionaries to Pray For:

Nyungwe of Mozambique –  Baptist Global Response teams are working on a new type of groundwater collection near seasonal river beds.  Please intercede for a successful project and for the safety of the team and the community members as they work on a sustainable water source.  Pray for people to respond to the gospel and for churches to be planted.

Danes of Denmark –  Baptist representatives in Copenhagen will attend a meeting of mission churches from all over Denmark.  Please pray for these churches to work together to pray and determine the best way to reach the country of Denmark for Christ.

Jula of Cote d’lvoire, Burkina Faso, and Mali – (JOO-luh) “Their wives likewise must be dignified, not slanderers, but sober-minded, faithful in all things” (1 Timothy 3:11 ESV). November is a women-focused month in the world of Burkina Faso Baptists. There will a Women’s Day one Sunday in November (date yet to be decided), which is always a big celebration for the women. Pray that they will be mutually encouraged as they give testimony of what God is doing in and through their lives. Ask that the women will be admonished to minister faithfully in all things and to share boldly with others the hope that they have in Jesus Christ.

North Africans of BelgiumFor Muriel,* going to class has become the highlight of her week. She hates when there is a holiday or cancellation, and she tries to arrange appointments outside of the class hours. The classroom has become a comfortable place where Muriel and other women can tell their troubles and receive compassion. At times, they will even ask for prayer. The women are faithful to attend, and they enthusiastically express how blessed they feel being part of the class, including when the Good News is shared clearly and openly. For some of them, it’s their only opportunity to be open and free, and they’re learning to trust each other. Little by little, these students have been opening their hearts and sharing their lives with the group. Together, all share tea, laughs, personal stories, and tears! The new semester has begun, so please pray that the Holy Spirit will open these women’s eyes to see and to understand that all are saved only by the grace of God through his Son. Pray for the lives of the believers there to be filled with the true joy, peace, and strength that comes from knowing and leaning on Jesus. Pray for Muriel and the others to continue to learn spiritual disciplines and to open themselves up to trusting Jesus with their own lives. (*name changed)


Solutions Church is a Missions Outreach Church for Swahili speaking people in our community.  Services start at 11:15 pm every Sunday.