This Month’s Missionaries to Pray For:

CAL, South Asia – So far, Cal has seen more than 70 new churches planted and going strong.  Though there are many roadblocks to sharing the Gospel, God has been faithful to open doors and protect His servants in a difficult land.  Cal is training up new missionaries to share the Gospel and start new churches.  Continue to pray for God’s supply and protection. 

Kempton & Caryn Turner, East St. Louis, Illinois  These missionaries have established a new church called City of Joy Fellowship in the darkest part of this area of our country.  They are surrounded by gangs, drugs, high murder rates and violence.  One of their ministries restores old houses in the inner city.  We continue to pray for God’s transforming power to help their church see hundreds, even thousands of lives come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Dan & Caroline Ko – Malden Massachusetts Here live nearly 60,000 people and more than 1/3rd were born outside of the US.  Dan & Caroline have planted Seven Mile Road Church where they meet in a school and the membership have re-located to the US from around the world.  The spiritual climate is cold, and the majority of the city is below poverty lines.  Most are lucky to have one meal a day.  Massachusetts as very few evangelical churches that openly share the Gospel.  People are slow to join in and worship.  Pray that the Holy Spirit bring revival and a new revelation of the Gospel to this area.

Trent and Victoria Mullen – Mexico – God has called this couple to serve he Deaf in Mexico.  Did you know that nearly 5 % of the world’s population are Deaf?  These missionaries are in the process of training additional workers to share the Gospel to those who cannot hear.  They travel village to village and share God’s word using sign language and telling Bible Stories to all who can see or hear.  We pray for safety as they travel, and open doors for ministry.  We pray everyone, including those who live in silence can come to know Jesus as their Savior!


Solutions Church is a Missions Outreach Church for Swahili speaking people in our community.  Services start at 11:15 pm every Sunday.