This Month’s Missionaries to Pray For:

Nancy – Southeast Asia –  Nancy is a nurse practitioner who is helping with medical clinics where she serves.  Nancy shares the love of Jesus with those who are considered unlovable and unlovely.  She ministers to those with disease and medical issues that have left people cast out and ashamed.  Pray for Nancy as she shares Jesus’ love with those she serves.

Brook – South America –  It is recorded in Acts 1 that Jesus wanted His followers to share the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  Pray for Brook as she serves a tribe in the Amazon Rain Forest.  The tribe she serves has very little contact with the outside world.  They have to travel 5 days by boat to get to the nearest town where they go to collect their meager welfare checks.  They then often head to the nearest liquor store to buy alcohol and go on a drinking binge.  Brook is teaching these people one by one to fall in love with Jesus and give up the alcohol.  Pray for her ministry to these people who God loves and Jesus came to save.

David and Regina White – Guatemala – This couple has been called to help the volunteers who have been called to the mission field have places to stay and set up witnessing visits and training conferences.  This couple is the missionary to the missionaries in the field.  Pray that they flourish as they help and pray for other missionaries – be their support and help in sharing the Gospel to the people of Guatemala.

Bryan & Jody Shippey – Framingham, MA The Shippey’s have planted a new church called Banner Hill Church in Framingham, about 25 miles west of Boston.  The church meets on the campus of Framingham State University, in town center.  Many Sundays, students can walk into the worship service just because they want to know what it is all about.
Many have had no clue about Jesus when they began their search for a savior.  Now they are praying about how to make sure every college town has a gospel witness. 
Pray for the college students right here in our own state and Nation – thousands who have never heard about Jesus here in the United States!  We all have a calling on our lives – pray for these missionaries here in the US and for all called to share the Gospel with the college age people in our country.

Solutions Church is a Missions Outreach Church for Swahili speaking people in our community.  Services start at 11:15 pm every Sunday.