What to Expect

Our worship time includes current worship songs you hear on the radio today, as well as some more traditional worship choruses.  We worship the Lord in the freedom of individuality, from raising our hands in honor and praise, to clapping and being joyful in the presence of God. Each time or worship has a specific focus on a message from God’s Word, so that we can learn and grow in the faith.  

Coffee and light snacks are always provided.

The Meadows does not subscribe to a specific dress code.  You are family when you walk in the front door.  When you look around, you’ll see everything from jeans and tee-shirts, to business casual and some come in their “Sunday best”. 

Due to the extraordinary circumstances of the ongoing pandemic The Meadows church family has temporarily suspended all children’s ministry. All children are welcome to join the main worship time with their family.

We would love you to come join us and be a part of The Meadows today!